Mary Alexandra Agner

I sing the body scientific write things. If you'd like to keep in touch about my work, please subscribe to my newsletter here.

My article about chemistry and cuneiform clay tablets is published in the Winter 2020 issue of Humanities.

My cozy story about a robot who does magic tricks, "Rising Tides", is forthcoming in summer 2020 in Grace & Victory's anthology A Quiet Afternoon.


The -OLOGISTS is available from Dancing Girl Press.

The -OLOGISTS tells the stories of nine women scientists—slant, of course—brimming with mycology, entomology, and gastronomy, and soaring from the ocean floor to the surface of a comet.

If you'd like an autographed copy, send $10 to and please leave a mailing address in the note.

My crane science-crane folktale mashup, "Crane Husband", is published at Strange Horizons.

Disambiguation: the pantoum is a poetic form derived from Malay verse.